Important Notice

※ Everyone is required to bring ID. (Over 19 only)
※ Minors are not allowed to taste.
※ General participants are not allowed to business zone on business days.(Sept.3, 4)
※ Buyers: Wines & Spirits producers, importers, wholesalers, distributors, hotel managers, restaurant owners, department store managers and other related industry.

Date & Time
Date Time Remark
Sept. 3 ~ 4 10:00~18:00 Business zone : Buyers only
Sept. 5 10:00~18:00
Sept. 6 10:00~17:00
Admission fee : 10,000 Won (Incl a wine glass)

※ It’s free for minors accompanied by adults who paid for tickets


dot Visitors


dot Buyers



Tasting Notice

Anyone can taste liquors that are offered by exhibitors in the exhibition hall.
People who interrupt the exhibition could be forced to leave the exhibition.
Participants who hand over their own passes or take any promotional actions that are not allowed by the organizer could be forced to leave.

For buyers (please check out the reference above): Please bring your own business cards and identification cards.

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